KANZEN MARTIAL ARTS at Doncaster Ju Jitsu Club

Holly House,  Holly Dene,  Doncaster ,  South Yorkshire,  DN3 2HJ.

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About Us

Kanzen Martial  Arts is the new name for Doncaster Ju Jitsu Club.  It will be the same friendly people doing the coaching  but because of Covid 19 we have to make changes to how we train.  It is unlikely that we will be able to do close contact grappling so we will concentrate on katas and pad drills.

At Kanzen Martial Arts we teach traditional and modern Ju Jitsu techniques for both self-defence and sport in a friendly atmosphere. The style includes medium and close-range techniques.   For self-defence the main principle is to stay on your feet and not go to ground.  Of course, if you should be on the ground you need to know how to get up while still defending yourself, and learning these skills will be part of your training.

Kanzen Martial arts is based on traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu.  As it was used by Samurai warriors on the battlefield, it had to be brutally effective; there are no rules on the battlefield. Therefore, it is the best of all martial arts for self-defence and why so many new martial arts have copied its techniques.  The skills you will learn should only be used in defence of yourself and family and then only within the law. 

Kanzen Martial Arts is proud to be affiliated to the BJJAGB and complies with all their requirements for safeguarding children and the recruitment and training of instructors and volunteers.  See our BJJA(GB) page for more information.

The sporting aspect of Ju Jitsu allows for some kicks, punches, throws and ground techniques to be used according to certain rules.  As you would expect, Sport Ju Jitsu requires a higher level of fitness.

Our classes include fitness and flexibility training, which we make fun, especially for children.  The instructors are all very experienced and qualified as coaches with the BJJAGB, the National Governing body for Ju Jitsu with Sport England.

If you would like to give it a try, with no obligation to join, we offer two free one and a half hours classes.   Please book your trial lessons using the booking form. We look forward to meeting you!