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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Kanzen Martial Arts recognise new technology can be a useful tool for promoting our services when used responsibly.

Social media is useful for marketing and information.  With appropriate guidelines it can be used positively  and professionally.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,, MySpace, YouTube, blogs and online forums all provide potential for us to be seen globally.  They are also useful for allowing members to communicate with each other.  Because it’s reach is extensive, it must be used with discretion and integrity.

This document relates to all coaches, staff & parents at Kanzen Martial Arts who are commenting, reviewing or adding content to social media sites or maintain profiles on any of the social or business networking sites, e.g. Linkedin  either personally or on behalf of Kanzen Martial Arts.

Please Note:

Be aware of keeping safe, do not disclose personal information.

Be aware, you probably are, that children are avid users of social media and sometimes experience online abuse.  Know what to do to help them.

Be careful with your choice of contacts..

Be professional, positive, courteous, respectful and reasonable.

Avoid bad language, negative, controversial or offensive comments or statements which would reflect badly on Kanzen Martial Arts.

Any views or opinions expressed must be your own and not those of Kanzen Martial Arts.

Data Protection; Coaches/instructors who have access to confidential information must remember that disclosure of such confidential information may lead to legal action.

For the full BJJAGB Social Media Policy please go here to BJJA(GB)